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  • Maternity Benefits!

    Individual & Family Health Insurance

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    Following maternity benefits for hospitalization relating to pregnancy are covered up to a pre-determined annual limit if this option is taken:
    → Hospital room charges
    → Hospital service and supplies, Gynecologist Fee, OT, Anesthetist charges
    → Nursery care for the baby while the mother is confined

    Note: This benefit can be availed 10 months after inception, and is effective from 1st day after renewal of policy without gap/lapsed and subject in case husband and wife both purchase the policy

    The Term Maternity means:
    → Normal delivery / Forceps
    → Caesarean section
    → Multiple births
    → Ectopic / Extra-Uterine Pregnancy
    → Miscarriage
    → Pre-natal confinement
    → Post-natal medical expenses up to Rs. 5000/-, If delivery takes place at home
    → Circumcision of newly born baby boy up to Rs. 2000/-

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